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Tandem PID/FID

Patented tandem design uses only one GC detector port
Tandem design acquires two simultaneous chromatograms from a single injection
Eliminating transfer lines between detectors improves peak shape and performance
System uses GC electronics or OI Analytical’s dual channel electrometer
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The Model 4450 Tandem PID/FID is a patented combination detector incorporating the Model 4430 Photoionization and Model 4410 Flame Ionization Detectors. The two detectors in tandem produce simultaneous chromatograms for aromatics and aliphatics, eliminating the need for two separate analyses. Since the Tandem PID/FID occupies only one detector port, two 4450s can be installed on one GC, providing twice the throughput using an OI Analytical dual channel electrometer. The Tandem PID/FID can be used with either packed or capillary columns.