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XSD (Halogen Specific Detector)

High halogen selectivity vs. hydrocarbon simplifies analyses and minimizes or eliminates the need for sample preparation
High detector sensitivity permits very low-level selective analysis of halogen-containing (Cl, Br, F) compounds
Unique jet design minimizes peak tailing due to unswept dead volumes
Requires only air to operate
Designed to operate on most GC makes and models
No routine maintenance required
Enhanced venting option diverts solvent before entry to the reactor
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The Model 5360 and Model 5360A Halogen Specific Detectors (XSD™) were developed for the selective detection of halogen-containing compounds eluting from a gas chromatograph’s (GC)capillary column in the subpicogram to microgram range. The XSD installs in the standard detector port of most GC makes and models. It can be installed either as a stand-alone detector or in tandem with the Model 4430 Photoionization Detector (PID).

The 5360A XSD heated base assembly provides improved baseline stability and easy column installation. When used with the enhanced venting option, venting efficiency is nearly 100%, even in the case of a chlorinated solvent injection.

Unlike other halogen selective detectors, the XSD contains no radioactive sources and does not use organic solvents. These XSDs do not require catalyst tubes, solvents, resin cartridges, pumps, or transfer lines. Wipe testing and complicated record keeping are eliminated.