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Standards Addition Module

Automatically adds internal standard or surrogate/matrix spike standards at operator-defined intervals
Sample sweeps the internal standard or surrogate into the purge-and-trap sparge vessel
Saves benchspace by mounting on the Model 4551A Autosampler or AMPS
Automatically drains excess standard to waste
Uses minimal standard volumes (35–40 µL/sample)
Internal pressure regulator assures consistent transfer and minimal loss
Conveniently located prime keys
Maximum flexibility with two separate 10-mL reservoirs
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The Standards Addition Module (SAM) is an option for the Model 4551A Autosampler that automatically adds internal standards or surrogate/matrix spike standards, increasing accuracy and precision of GC or GC/MS analytical methods. Programming of standard addition occurs from two separate and independent 10-mL reservoirs for maximum method flexibility. The SAM module also mounts quickly and easily on the autosampler chassis, saving valuable benchspace.