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The 4100 Water / Soil Sample Processor

Holds 100 samples in two 50-position vial racks
Operates with one or two Eclipse 4660 purge-and-trap instruments
Vial cooling option keeps vials at 10°C or less in accordance with USEPA Method 524.3
VOA Constrictor™ vial gripper has built-in vial sensor
Standard Addition Module has two 3-mL reservoirs, expandable to four 3-mL reservoirs
High-speed injection valves in Standard Addition Module inject programmed volume with no excess or waste
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The OI Analytical 4100 Water / Soil Sample Processor automates the handling and processing of samples in 40-mL VOA vials for purge-and-trap analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in accordance with U.S. EPA methods. The 4100 efficiently processes up to 100 drinking water, wastewater, or soil samples and operates with a single or dual Eclipse 4660 purge-and-trap instruments.

The 4100 is equipped with an innovative pneumatically-actuated cylindrical vial gripper that surrounds and conforms to each vial. The VOA Constrictor™ mechanism lifts and transports 40-mL VOA vials to and from the sampling station with unsurpassed reliability.

New! 4100 Water/Soil Sample Processor Interface Kits are now available for Teledyne and EST Analytical purge and trap sample concentrators. Click here to view details.