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Series 4000 MINICAMS Continuous Air Monitor

Detects and alarms to all chemical warfare agents, precursors, sirnulant materials, analrelated industrial chemicals
Sensitivity exceeds required monitoring levels for chemical warfare agents
Rapidly and easily deploys and installs
Provides multiple-point monitoring for trace or high-level detection
Process Control Interface transmits status directly to a facility control system
Easily reconfigures for custom needs or commercial applications
Archives detection, identification, and alarm data
Link up to 32 MINICAMS® to a single CHROM-NET® host with multiple host configurations available
Field-proven capabilities since 1989
Element-specific detector options maximize sensitivity and minimize false alarms
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The MINICAMS® Series 4000 is an automatic, near-real-time continuous air monitoring system using gas chromatography and sample collection with a solid-sorbent preconcentrator or fixed-volume sample loop. The MINICAMS automatically collects an air sample, performs an analysis, and reports the result. Reported agent concentrations above a user-set threshold generate an ALARM status that can be reported via various pathways. Two different Plug-In GC Modules allow configurations to maximize selectivity and sensitivity for monitoring all chemical warfare (CW) agents. Multiple MINICAMS can be networked to provide a facility-wide Air Monitoring System. The MINICAMS Series 4000 is a flexible, expandable system developed specifically for detecting all CW agents, simulants, and related compounds at extremely low levels.