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SAM-MAX Refrigerant Monitor

Compound-specific detection
Virtually no false alarms
Expansion module available for up to eight ports for the SAM-I and eleven ports for the SAM-IV
Removable components for easy servicing and calibration
Single or multiple-point refrigerant monitoring
Customize to monitor any refrigerant including HCFC-123, HFC-134a, HCFC-22, CFC-11, CFC-12, carbon monoxide, or ammonia
Monitors combinations of up to three refrigerants with each port calibrated for a different refrigerant
Optional Windows®-based software monitors gas levels and controls instrument settings remotely
Factory calibrated unit requires no calibration on startup or for the first year of operation
Modular design allows servicing and calibrating without removing the system from the wall
Three adjustable alarm levels with a relay closure for each alarm level can be used to actuate external alarm lights, horns, or emergency ventilation systems
Detects leaks as low as 1 ppm-without requiring humidity calibrations
A transparent window on the NEMA IV cabinet's front door allows viewing the display without compromising system stability
SAM-I MAX Monitor meets ASHRAE-15 2004 and USEPA 608 monitoring standards
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The Refrigerant Monitors with Maximum Ability

The SAM-MAX Monitor detects refrigerant leaks sooner and at lower levels. It’s the early warning system that saves money, averting costly damage to chillers, and preventing potential USEPA fines. Using sensitive infrared technology with OI Analytical’s patented Macro Light Pipe™ gas cell, the SAM-MAX’s unique optical design allows compound-specific detection, practically eliminating false alarms. Rugged and compact, the SAM-MAX is factory calibrated and easy to install. The SAM-MAX is the ideal monitor for years of trouble-free, reliable refrigerant monitoring