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HYDROTHERM Automated Acid Hydrolysis

Accurately determines fat in a variety of sample matrices
Reduces cost per sample by 80% compared to traditional methods
Completely automated and easy to operate
Safer than Mojonnier
Analyze up to 6 samples simultaneously
Meets requirements for international regulations
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HYDROTHERM is the first and only system for fat determination by automated acid hydrolysis. This patented technology automates traditional acid hydrolysis, providing rapid, accurate results while decreasing the cost of analysis by 80%. Safer than the Mojonnier method, the system eliminates the handling of hot acids and the need for a fume hood to run the chemistry.

Compact and easy-to-use, HYDROTHERM processes up to 6 samples simultaneously and up to 36 samples per day. Three independently controllable modules each house 2 hydrolysis units. HYDROTHERM measures hydrochloric acid (HCl) into the sample beaker, hydrolyses the sample in the hydrochloric acid and performs the complex filtration with all rinse operations automatically until all fat contents are transferred and the filter has been washed to pH-neutral..

The entire hydrolysis runs in a closed system. Laboratory personnel have no contact with hot liquids or acid fumes. Sensors monitor the process and shut down the system in the event of an error.

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